Professional And Personalised Evaluation of Insurance Claims


Through our detailed, pro-active and bespoke investigations, our clients are able to accurately assess even the most complex of claims

When a customer makes an insurance claim, their Insurer may require a trusted partner to assist them in accurately assessing their liability

MKA is here to help Insurers correctly determine their liability for claims

why choose us?

We are trusted by some of the UK’s best-known insurance companies to provide a professional and thorough evaluation of claims, whatever the size or complexity

About MKA

Michael Kennedy Associates has a wealth of experience in the evaluation and investigation of property insurance claims of all types and complexity.

Backed up with an exemplary level of customer service, our aim is to provide you with trust, confidence, and peace of mind.

What People Say

“Michael Kennedy Associates provide a compliant and professional service, always delivered with excellent customer service and superb attention to detail. Highly recommended.”

A claims manager

“In my lengthy experience, MKA are second-to-none when it comes to the effective, efficient and thorough evaluation of insurance claims, which enables us to determine our liability for these claims with 100% confidence.”

MB, Technical Claims Controller